Anotem (ah - no - tem) is your tool for capturing those "I've just done it" moments. Log real progress and no more to-dos! Have you tried a new cuisine, run a half-marathon, seen a great film or completed a dissertation? No problem, record it all in your daily journal. Let Anotem be your time capsule of special moments.

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Why is each log entry restricted to 500 characters?

Anotem is all about simplicity. It's a journal for capturing various bursts of daily activity - anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours. Each log entry is a brief note about what you've done.

How do I include sounds, pictures or movies?

Anotem handles text only.

Can log entry data be imported/exported?

Yes, on the Activity View, you can send a log entry to other apps on your phone/tablet or use AirDrop to dispatch your notes to other iOS devices.


How are the stats percentages calculated?

These are calculated according to total logged activity time, not elapsed days. For example, if you study 1 hour of French and 3 hours of Spanish in one day, the percentages are 25% and 75% respectively.


Can a whole document be imported/exported?

Yes, go to Settings->Documents where there are various operations for importing and exporting documents to iCloud and DropBox. You can also find other features for creating, duplicating, deleting and scheduling backups for your documents.


How do I get in touch about a bug or feature request?

Send an email to We'll be happy to hear from you.

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